Sunday, May 30, 2010


ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DAYS! Wow! I have posted daily for 150 days. That’s crazy!

We had a church picnic today to say goodbye to our interim pastor and his beautiful family. I didn’t get any really great pictures of them today – it was so windy it was hard to get great pictures of anything! But I got one of my little girl and “her Billy” that I really like.

Here’s one shot of our interim pastor and his wife. They’ve been a great blessing, and I pray that they will receive God’s greatest blessings as they move on to their next adventure.


Anonymous said...

Nice snapshots. I like those snow capped mountains in the first shot - looks almost like a backdrop ;)

Sandra said...

That's a great image of your Kristi and her Billy.
Good luck to your interm pastors.

Your Organizing Guru said...

What's up with those long pants and jackets? lol It's been in the (HUMID) 90's here. @juliebavi

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