Sunday, April 4, 2010


What a great Easter Sunday! Everything went well today! The kids weren’t even terribly disappointed that we didn’t hunt for eggs. We decided to take the focus off male rabbits that lay eggs and put it on Jesus’ resurrection. It was a good day, and everyone has been happy all day! Yay!

Here are a few photos from our afternoon at Nana’s house…Easter-diptych
Ken and Fancy shared the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection with a set of Resurrection Eggs. Ken also prepared some delicious deviled eggs for us.

We had a great time with bubbles and kites (representing rising from the grave). The tulips are from Nana’s happy centerpiece. Tulips are such joyful flowers!

I hope it was a wonderful Sunday for you, too!


Brittany said...

That looks so NICE! I think it's great that you're teaching your children the true meaning of Easter. What a wonderful life you're giving your kids! Happy Easter!

Leslie said...

Awesome! We did the same thing this year (only did hunt eggs after church). We skipped the baskets and gave them chocolate crosses and then did the Lord's Supper together today. It was a great day!

Sandra said...

My, my it sure does look like you had a wonderful day!
Awesome images too.

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