Saturday, April 3, 2010


My scenic Saturday took place within the auction house. We spent almost all day at the auction. It was nice to spend the day with a bunch of my favorite people, but it wasn’t a spectacularly exciting auction. The RV I loved went for a bit more than I had on me (I’m chuckling at myself – it went for $15,000 - I had nothing) but I sure did enjoy looking around in there. Here are a couple shots I took while I was there (with my Palm Pre Plus). The first shot is a pair of rubber boots (truly rubber boots) that they are using as a planter.

Here is a nice set of gold plated flatware that Felice really wanted. Unfortunately, it went for more than she had in her budget. Isn’t the box neat? I’ve never seen a houndstooth flatware box!


Sandra said...

Wow sounds like a fun day! An R.V. at an auction? Never heard of that LOL too bad it wasn't in your budget. I'm sure your family would have loved it.
And it looks like those rubber boots were used plenty and what a way to keep loving them. LOL

Mel said...

oh LOVE the boots and so cute they used them as planters! Might have to do that when the kids outgrow their boots, I'm guessing they had holes in the bottom to let the water out?! Should have checked the couch cushions for some spare change for that RV ;)

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