Monday, April 26, 2010


Zowie, this year is going fast! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of April!

For my Monochrome Monday shot I took my Kristi-girl over to the local park and took some shots of her swinging. The swingset isn’t in a good place for unobstructed photos, so I had trees no matter which way I went, but I kinda liked this anyway.

If you’re doing a 365 (or 52) project, what is your purpose for it? What do you hope/expect to accomplish over the course of the year?


Amanda said...

I really like this!!! Beautiful silhouette and sun flair. I think the branch adds to it! Great angle too!
As for my goals for the 365 project, my goal is to improve through practice, practice, practice!! :) Also, I love being inspired by other photographers and really enjoy keeping in touch this way.

Sandra said...

Elli, I think it's a great image. I love the angle and the flair. The trees are not a distraction but a sense of place/space.

My goal for my Project 365 is to continue to learn and improve my art by 300%. Like Amanda I love being inspired by other photographers too.

Mel said...

Love the sunflare!

I originally started P365 almost two years ago because Seth was deployed and we had a new baby that I wanted him to be able to watch grow up. Now that baby is two years old and we have another new little boy, and again, he will be deploying and thanks to my blog (which is not really everyday, because I keep forgetting) he and the grandparents who are on completely opposite sides (SC and WA) can see the kids grow and what we are up too! It has also been a GREAT way to see how much I have improved since starting back then, it pushes me to keep going when I feel discouraged!

Jennifer said...

(gasp) LOVE that snapshot!!

Gary Schmeidler said...

Elli, I really like this capture. I like it in b/w and the angle you took it at. And nice sunflare.

My goal with the 52 project is just to improve all aspects of my shooting... from getting better exposures, learn lighting techniques etc. Lots of reading of books, sites and blogs is my approach to this.

bakingbarb said...

Such a cool photo. Loving it.

Judy said...

I think it's a wonderful shot. I think the tree limb gives a sense of place and the angle and PoV is great. Nice work.

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