Sunday, April 25, 2010


It’s Snapshot Sunday! My snaps today are not of my own kids – they are of a cutie patootie that came to our church today. He is the grandson of one of my friends, and he couldn’t get any cuter! Not only is he absolutely adorable, he’s sweet! I never heard him fuss and he was very easily redirected when he was headed for trouble. Precious little man!




He was too fast for me when I was on the ground at his level – I couldn’t keep up! Several of my shots have terrible motion blur, and they aren’t from his eye level (as I like them to be), but his grandma will love them anyway!

I also took a few pictures of this robin’s nest. The robin built it above our neighbor’s back door and laid her eggs. Then she got trapped inside their house, and when they finally got her out of the house she left and never came back to her nest. That was more than a week ago. Too bad. But the eggs are really pretty!
(I boosted the color just a bit because I love the colors of the nest, and they were a bit lost in the original photo.)


Sandra said...

Aw what a cutie!!!
That nest and those eggs are awesome. Too bad mom left but great image.

Amanda said...

Yeah, he is a cutie!! Nice photos of him! Great nest photo! Isn't it great when you can use photoshop to bring things back to real color?!

Jennifer said...

cute dude!!

love the snapshot of eggs!
too bad the mother hasn't return back.

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