Sunday, April 18, 2010


Snapshot Sunday – practicing with my new Canon 28-135 IS lens.



(Camera on Auto while setting up for Ken/Fancy to shoot)

(This is one of my “Birthday Sisters” – Ken or Fancy took this shot.)

This is another shot of To Know Joy. I like the extreme sunflare on this. Caleb was appreciating the statue – walking around it, touching, trailing his hand along her skirt – and he told me she’s “God’s Honey.”


Amanda said...

It looks like your new lens is nice and sharp! I especially like the photo of Kristie! I hope you had a great birthday!

Gary Schmeidler said...

Happy Birthday Elli! Looks like a great copy of the lens, nice sharp captures.

Sandra said...

Awesome! Congrats on your new lens. Happy happy birthday!
Caleb is too cute. "God's honey" lol Sweet.

Jennifer said...

Amazing snapshots!! have fun playing with new lens!!

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