Sunday, January 24, 2010


It’s snapshot Sunday, and I thought it was time to take some shots of the youngest member of our family…

This is Molly. She’s a sweetie, even if she did pull all the clean laundry out of my chair so she could curl up in it. She could have at least folded the laundry first.
(If I lay my ears back a bit will you not be mad about the clothes on the floor?)

(Okay, I’ve been cute, I’ve been apologetic…can I have that Goldfish cracker now?)


Jennifer said...

Aw sweet!! We all have great stories about our pets!

Love the snapshot of dog!!

CapturedMomentsbyRACHEL said...

such great pictures of your furbaby!!!!

Amanda said...

The expression in her eyes makes me laugh! Both shots are really sharp, nice work!

PLPortraiture said...


Give her a SMOOCH on the SNOOT!

WHAT a FACE !!!!!

Sandra said...

Aw, so cute. You can't be mad at her I mean come on she just wanted to lay on your clothes to be close to you. LOL
Great expressions!

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