Saturday, January 23, 2010


We’ve got quite a streak of overcast Saturdays going around here. I haven’t had one pretty Scenic Saturday since I started this 365 project! I snapped a few shots while we were up at the church, but we can’t see the peaks.


The weekend challenge over at Digital Photography School is “Good Morning” so here was my first photo this morning.


Jennifer said...

You were able to manage to take good picture.

Look great even with overcast.
here gray days lately.. sucks.

will check in Digital school link!

Tess said...

I like that picture of your coffee! Good job!

Mel said...

we FINALLY had sun today, I hope you get some soon too! I could feel the Vit D soaking into me and I let the kids play outside until well past dinner time! Love the morning shot as well, lighting is great!

Sandra said...

Both images are very nice.
We can't help it if it's not blue and clear. LOL
Nice coffee shot.

Amanda said...

Great photos today Elli! The mountain shot is great, even though we can't see the peaks...just shows how huge those mountains are! Nice work on the coffee photos!

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