Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun stuff!

My sweet friend Nancy L. gave me Photoshop CS3!! What a blessing!! I’m so excited. I’ve spent all my “free” time lately learning to use it, and I never realized just how many options I’d have that I’ve never had before! I can’t wait to see how my photos turn out – when I take some shots worth practicing on.

For now, I’ve been playing with some actions that are available. This storyboard was made with a free action from CoffeeShop. What fun stuff! I like to do my own adjustments and tweaks to each photo, but actions can be so fun to mess with! The photos in this storyboard were unedited – just thrown into the collage.


Sandra said...

Oh What an awesome friend! Have fun and don't get frustrated there is so much in that program to learn.

Leslie said...

WOoHOOOOOOOOOOOOO - that is awesome. Enjoy!

Mel said...

I love her storyboard actions, so quick and easy! Have fun with photoshop, check out thepioneerwoman's actions as well, I love her warmer action!

Katie said...

Elli! I'm so excited you got CS3! I'm so happy for you! WHOO HOO!!!!

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