Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 336

Just another Sunday snapshot today…but this one cracks me up. This photo doesn’t tell its own story, so I’ll have to share it with you. As you may have noticed over the last year, Kristi sometimes gets funny things in her head, and her newest one involves Molly. Her new favorite game is “Molly, make a dog face!” She usually says it two or three times, then praises Molly for making a dog face. lol. She then moves on to her next activity, but she comes back pretty soon to have Molly make another dog face.

On the rare occasions when Molly won’t “make a dog face” Kristi has found that she can tempt her with a few pieces of dog food and Molly will make the appropriate face. I’m so glad Molly’s training is in good hands.


Sandra said...

Aw, she's being trained great. That's a cute story.

Mel said...

aww how cute! Did you get a picture of the wanted face? That would make a cute little storyboard to remember too!

snaphappee said...

I didn't get a picture of the "dog face" because by the time I got to the photo Molly was done with the game. Poor dog.

Anonymous said...

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