Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day 328

Here are just a few shots from my sessions today (4 quick ones).

Two of my favorite people…my in-laws.

Another one of my favorite people…my mom.

You may recognize this group…

And you’ll recognize these lovely ladies too…

All these photos were taken for the church photo directory. I hope to have quite a few more of those to share over the next couple weeks!

And here are a couple shots I took this evening as the sun was setting over the Bitterroot Mountains. The fire(s) up there have flared up again, and the smoke was awful this evening…but it sure made for amazing colors!

I know this is long already, but I just have to share one more. I love how Dale thinks things up…he made his own portable work table today…


Your Organizing Guru said...

Creative Dale!
I love the shots of the fire through the smoke... wouldn't want to be there breathing it, but it is pretty!
Saw more of your pics on Flickr... LOVE the ones of Felice and the girls. Looks like you have had a photo fun week!!!

Sandra G said...

Your in-laws and your mom look great, they have kind eyes :)

Dale is pretty creative, maybe he'll be an inventor.

That fire makes for amazing colors but it looks pretty scary.

Great family portrait! You must have it enlarged and put up in your home.

Sandra G said...

P.S. that one of Felice and the girls looks pretty good too. Great job with the directory thing.

Amanda said...

Great photos of your family and friends! Beautiful images of the smoky sky. That little guy of yours is SO clever!

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