Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 327

Today was Homecoming for our local high school. I had 3 kids in the parade (and Felice had 2) so we went to the parade to watch our children show off their “Jacket Pride!” Dale wasn’t in the parade, but he let me take a photo of his yellowjacket tattoo.

After school Dale and I went to visit with his friend Michael and Michael’s mom. Mary is the one who gave me the beautiful vegetables last weekend, and she sent me home with a bucketful today! Whoohoo!! I feel like I won the jackpot!

While I was there I took some photos of Michael and his dog Stumpy. Stumpy wasn’t really eager to have her picture taken. She had stuff to do, and all of the “stuff” involved motion. Oh well…she’s a cute little thing, and she and Michael obviously adore each other!


Mel said...

oh the veggies are pretty! homecomings are always so much fun!

Sandra G said...

That tattoo looks awesome. Great colors.
Nice looking veggies too.

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