Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 314

Today’s post is the result of the “Walk and Shoot 4” challenge in the SparkPeople Shutterbugs group. I took a short walk down Main Street in a direction I rarely go…

1. Italian Prune on the neighbor’s tree. 2. Neighbor’s beautiful sunflowers peeking up over their fence. 3. The great sign at the local coffee kiosk. 4. The reason all the photos look a bit darkish. (Shortly after I got home from my walk the thunder started.)


Your Organizing Guru said...

The Sassy Moose? I LOVE IT! Great shots all.

Brittany said...

Those are awesome! The sunflowers are so beautiful!

Sandra said...

I don't think they are "darkish" I think they are great images! Very nice.

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