Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 313

Here’s a shot I took of my youngest boys and my new bench. And Molly – she’s so cooperative. Hmph.

And here’s a shot I took of Caleb asleep…I love the way he copes. He doesn’t like to sleep alone, so he makes sure he’s not alone…

Oh, and one more note about Caleb and his funniness…those marks on the wall were made by him. He scribbled on the wall with crayon, and those are the marks that the Magic Eraser couldn’t erase. For the longest time he was afraid of the “skeletons” on his wall – even though he had put them there himself!


Sandra said...

OMG he so cute, and too funny about the skeletons on the wall. He looks like a "wild sleeper"

Mel said...

he is adorable! Charleigh doesn't like to sleep alone and has countless animals (the "woof" family as she calls them) and almost no room for her!!

Tess said...

Aw, so sweet!!

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