Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 300

Zowie Howie! I made it to day 300!!

Today is Caleb's 4th birthday, so we had a party! I only took about 200 photos...and I narrowed those down to 25. My slideshow will only take up about 50 seconds of your life, but be warned anyway. Lots of photos.

Thank you, Nana, for a great party!


Amanda said...

Great slide show!(I watched it a few times!) Happy Birthday Caleb! I looks like a fun party!

Tess said...

GREAT pics! Felice is looking good! This looks like it was sooo much fun. :D

Leslie said...

You are amazing!! Congrats on #300 and Happy Birthday to Caleb :)

Sandra said...

Happy birthday Caleb.
Great set of pictures!
Love the huge bubbles and the cowboy theme. Looks like everyone (Felice included) had a blast!
Fancy dyed her hair and I didn't see a post about it?

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