Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 299

Caleb at 4
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My littlest man turns 4 tomorrow, so I wanted to try to get some 4-year-old portraits of him. I didn't get quite what I wanted today, so I'll work on it more tomorrow. How do you like his crown? The kids all made crowns out of some vine (hope it's not poison-crown-vine!). They called this one Prince Caleb, but I think King Caleb sounds so much better. He doesn't really care, as long as he gets to see his picture on the lcd viewer (camera screen).


Sandra said...

I like King Caleb too, but becareful, it might get to his head and he'll soon be bossing everyone around. LOL

Aw, childhood.
Happy Birthday King Caleb.

snaphappee said...

I'm not too worried about King Caleb bossing people around as long as Queen Kristi is present. There's no question as to who actually rules THAT kingdom.

Amanda said...

It's so nice that he wants his picture taken! What a cutie!

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