Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 286

We went to the Creamery Picnic parade today. Here are a few shots…I didn’t take many – just my friends/family.

Molly howled at the sirens. She’s so funny. She’s not a very good howler, but she was definitely sincere. Fancy and her friend Krystal were in the parade riding on the Attention 2 Detail trailer. If you need your car detailed, check them out! My faithful readers probably recognize Felice and her family on the BVAC Ammunition trailer. Felice was obviously trying to throw candy right at me! (Hey – maybe that’s what happened to my lens!) The last photo is my neighbor Vance. Attention 2 Detail is his sons’ business, and he restores vehicles, such as that fabulous Jeep Commando he’s driving.

I also took photos at a friends’ vow renewal ceremony, but they’re not ready to share, so these are what you get. Thanks for stopping by!


Eric said...

Hmm, I wonder if warranty covers abuse by candy? :P Stinks about that lens though!

Sandra said...

Awesome pictures but the one of your dog howling is outstanding. You should get that framed. LOL it's so cute.

BDSpellman said...

Sorry I missed Creamery Picnic. In 1964, Montana Territorial Centennial, I actually rode in the parade--on a horse, no less.

The other day a fire engine went down our street, and one by one all four of our dogs joined in to howl along with the siren. They're so cute when they do that.


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