Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 285

Last day of VBS. Yay/Boo! It was a fun week, of course, but I’m glad it’s done for this year. Here are the last few photos…

During our Vacation Bible School each year the kids put together one craft to send to kids in need. This year’s craft was a Comfort Critter – a turtle – to send to children who’ve lived through natural disasters and have lost their belongings. Each critter has a little card in its pocket that says “God loves you” and inside that card the kids write an encouraging note. When the kids get these little cuddlies they will also get a book with activities and thoughts to help them through the tough times. I love this part of our VBS because the kids aren’t just having fun – they’re reaching out to help others.

The story today was about God parting the waters so the Israelites could cross the red sea. The snack – Sweet Victory – is the ground (chocolate graham crackers) with the water (blue frosting) parted so the Israelites (butterscotch chips) could pass through. The kids had a great time playing with the “Israelites” and the “water”.

Each day we talked about “God sightings” – things God has done or created that reminded us of His presence. Immediately after discussing this as a group, we discovered our very own God sighting right outside!


Sandra said...

Sounds like you had a successful week & boy did this week go by really fast!

Leslie said...

It sounds like a wonderful week of VBS. Great pictures of it too!

BDSpellman said...

Isn't it always amazing how the divine manifests itself to us.

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