Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 222

I have to show off our grass! Oh yeah…and the cute kids on top of it. Doesn’t our grass look wonderful? After these shots were taken Ken gave our new lawn its first mowing. I love having grass in our front yard!!

Serenity in our grass Caleb and Daniel Daniel in our grass
(for those of you who notice such things, these shots are soft because I used the Tamron 28-80. Why do I even use that lens?)


Amanda said...

Cute shots! Your grass really is fantastic! I might have to try the straw trick! ;)

Sandra said...

Ditto what Amanda said! The straw really worked!
The kids on top of the grass are really cute too! LOL

Your Organizing Guru said...

Adorable kiddos! And lots of GRASS!!!! wow! ~J

Tess said...

Wow! Look at that GREEN grass! It's beautiful! Yay!

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