Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 221

Way back in April Caleb planted a “beanstalk” at preschool. He brought the cup of dirt home, and watched, and watched, and watched for several days. He was despairing of ever seeing a beanstalk and then the first little shoot appeared.

Caleb and the beanstalk

The thing grew so rapidly! I’m sure I have more photos of it around here, but I can’t find them at the moment. It just shot straight up, and Caleb was sure he was going to be climbing to the clouds any day.

Well, not too long ago we discovered that although it stopped growing taller, it was definitely growing – growing BEANS!

Caleb's beanstalk

Today we tried one of the beans. Yay! Caleb didn’t care for it, but I thought it was a yummy bean! He was excited even though he didn’t like the taste. It was HIS bean!

(I noticed that he had a chocolate mustache in the "earlier” beanstalk photo. Too funny. No, I don’t only feed this child chocolate.)


Amanda said...

What a fun project!!

Sandra said...

Wow, very exciting. I didn't know that they would grow beans indoors and in a cup - I learn something new everyday.

Leslie said...

That is AWESOME. I am going to have to do that with my kids!

Your Organizing Guru said...

Our preschoolers grew these in plastic baggies (hydroponics) and taped the baggies to their classroom window. I won't tell you how I killed it. ;) ~J

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