Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 212

Sandra suggested that I get out and shoot more flowers, so I went out flower hunting in my yard…

Flowers in my yard
Aren’t my flowers lovely? :-)

I did find these…
My lilacs

and I also discovered that some peonies survived the attack of the killer testosterone a couple years ago. (My boys destroyed every single peony plant in my yard. The flowers were just starting to open up. I was heartbroken.) They’re stunted and delayed, but they’re there!
My peonies

Here are a couple Caleb shots just because I could…
Caleb in the grass

Caleb in the grass 2

(Oh, and for the 365’ers, it seems as if Eric’s internet is still down. I heard from him briefly yesterday, and he still didn’t have internet access.)


Sandra said...

Awesome flowers! and look you have a Caleb growing in your yard! LOL too cute.

Your Organizing Guru said...

"They’re stunted and delayed, but they’re there!" - What a beautiful testimony! ~J

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