Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 211

We went for a walk today. We saw a lot of pretty flowers along the way…

blue flowers

Fabulous white flower tree for wallpaper
(This huge tree full of blossoms was amazing!)

We also saw a lot of flags out today – demonstrating appreciation for those who gave their lives for our freedom…
Memorial Day flag

After we got home this little guy ran himself into our dining room window and knocked himself silly! He’s still out there trying to collect himself, I think. I don’t understand how he could run into that window – it has more dirt and hand smudges than glass!stunned bird


Tess said...

Aw, poor little bird! Those blossoms are amazing! I love seeing all the flags out. :)

Amanda said...

Beautiful flowers! Beautiful flag! Poor little bird.

snaphappee said...

Just an update - the poor little bird didn't survive his encounter with our window. :-(

Sandra said...

Aw, too bad about the birdie, maybe something was already wrong with him and that's why he ran into your window - Just a thought.

Those flowers are beautiful! Take more walks with your camera and enjoy the beauty.

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