Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 197

I’m finally getting around to my 365 for today. I’ve taken 20 or 30 shots today, but nothing I wanted to post until now. I was working with a combo of natural light and 1/4 power on-camera flash for these. I think I should have used my reflector, too. Hmm.

Fancy in living room laughing
If I had worked on this at a time of day with a little more light, it might have been a little better. Some of the shots I took weren’t very sharp – I’m sure it’s because I was struggling to get enough light without putting my flash at full power. (For those who are interested in such things, I didn’t want to fully light the bookcase, etc., and I was bouncing the flash off the ceiling.)

Contemplative Fancy


Sandra said...

That first one is the winner. Great pose for a young lady, love the position of the hands, the position of the body and that laugh. Great catch lights too. Nice job.

Brittany said...

I like the first, too. It's nice to see her laughing. :)

Eric L said...

I like the first one too, for the same reasons and the light too. I have a question, is there a reason you didn't pull out the umbrella? Would have been easier to control the light that way

Amanda said...

Your lighting looks great. I love the 1st one! She looks genuinely happy!

Tess said...

I see nothing wrong with the first one! Great job!

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