Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 196

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. I had to post early to show off my Mother’s Day bling…

Mommy bling Mommy bling 2

At Children’s Church all the kids of that age got to make necklaces for their moms. I got 5 necklaces and one bracelet! Zowie!


I hafta tell a funny on Fancy…here’s the convo:

Mom: Will you do a favor for me? Will you put my load of jeans into the dryer?
Fancy: Sure. Where are they?
Mom: (pause…think of nice way to say this…) Um, Honey? If I want them to go into the DRYER, where do you think they are?
Fancy: Oh. In the washer?


Eric L said...

Lol, bling and a slave, er, helper ;)

Mel said...

wonderful "bling!" Happy Mother's Day!

Tess said...

Nice gifts! Happy Mother's Day!

Leslie said...

LOL to Fancy! Love the bling, bling ;) Happy Mother's Day!!

Jen said...

Love the BLING! And the dryer story gave me a chuckle!

Brittany said...

Now you can wear one each work day and save the bracelet for the weekend! If only the dog had made one you'd have been set for the week. ;) Happy Mother's Day!

Sandra said...

OMG! That sounds like a conversation I'd have here with one of my teenagers! LOL
and I'm so jealous of all your bling!
That's a lot of love mama

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