Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 193

I got some pictures of Rose! She’s one of the twins from around the corner, and she’s a little sweetie. But she often gets really goofy in front of the camera. Today she was just calm and easy, and I got a few quick shots that I like. I think her mom will like them too.

Rose 4
(With bare off-camera flash – to flashy for my taste, but the background DID darken! Yay!)

 Rose 1
(This looks a little like a mug shot because it’s straight on and there’s no “movement”, but she’s such a cutie!)

Rose 2
(Look at that smile. That’s gonna be dangerous!)

 Rose 3
(I know there are all sorts of technical problems with this shot – hair in her face, her hand in a weird position, the strange crop of her pants – but I still love it. Her expression is classic Rose, and the wind in the hair doesn’t bother me.)


Eric L said...

Well, you've confused me with your HSS, lol, but way to go! I don't know how your doing it, but ya are!

If you want to darken the background even more, start dropping your aperture (5.6, 8, 11)

Though at 1/3000 like you mentioned, ISO 100, your background would need f/2.8 to be proper, and everything above that should under expose it some. Assuming full sun

Sandra said...

I'll just let Eric tell you all the mumbo jumbo tech stuff I'm just gonna say Rosie is a cutie and you definately captured her personality and I love the last one.

Leslie said...

Love that 3rd one! She really is a cutie - i am sure her mom will love them all. I got my stuff for OCF today so will be hitting you all up for help soon!

Anonymous said...

I like all of the shots the the last one THE ONE. bc

Tess said...

My fave is the 3rd one! She is a charmer!

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