Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 190

I just discovered that I can do High Speed Syncing with my flashes! I didn’t know that’s what the little H and flash symbol meant! (I don’t have manuals for either flash.) So today I went outside and tried some off-camera flash stuff with high speed sync. I watched this great video…

and he explains that in order to get the darkened background (even in daylight) you must increase your shutter speed. I did so, but I didn’t see any significant difference in my background. Why not? (Eric, that question is probably for you.) What am I doing wrong?

Anyway, I got a few cute shots of my willing models…
Daddy and 2 munchkins

(This shot has my new favorite script run on it at about 50% opacity.)

This shot was not done outdoors or with ocf…but this little lady manages to be unbelievably adorable even with rumpled hair and dirty pajamas! How does she do that?
Serenity even cute all rumpled


Brittany said...

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I'm looking though! Loving what you're doing. Esp love the one of Kristi - where'd you get the action for it? Is it a Picnik one? Also, I'm glad you posted that little tip for the background - interesting!

Sandra said...

She is adorable! and love that action. Kristi's images are turning out wonderful! She looks like she's grown some. Hmm.
Thanks for the link on OCF - I'm sure Eric will figure out what you are talking about.

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