Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 140

I found a great blanket last week. It is so so so so so so soft. I just can't wait to get a baby on it! But since I don't have any babies (when Caleb saw me with it he told me we need a baby! LOL!) I put my kidlets on it. Kristi needed a photo of herself for her "About Me" poster for school, and Caleb needed to lay on the blanket. So here's my new blanket and two of my kidlets appreciating it.

Kristi  on white blanket
(Kristi posed herself)

Caleb on white blanket
(Caleb copied Kristi's pose - mostly)


Sandra said...

Oh it does look soft! Nice kidlets you have there, to cooperate with ya.

Tess said...

I do love me a soooooft blankie!

Amanda said...

Both great shots! That does look SO soft!

Eric L said...

Ooh, is this an early post of your headshot?

Design by Jenn said...

hahahha! ohhhhhh, i love them!

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