Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 61

Oh...have I been having fun with my new 50mm lens...and my reflector...and my wireless remote...and my new camera bag!! Yeehaw! What a blessed person I am!!

Practicing depth of field with the 50mm lens...
Playing with the 50mm

(no photos of the reflector or remote, but I did use them)

Here is my beautiful new Tracy Joy bag!!
Tracy Joy bag

And just because I'm showing it off everywhere...

Oh...and one late addition...
 practicing dragging the shutter


Lary Family said...

I'm most envious of the bag but it's wonderful that you're family is embracing your photography habit! The goblets are beautiful too.

Design by Jenn said...

Very cool! Love the pics! Nice DOF and great shot of Ken! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas :D

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