Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 60

I got it! My sweetie got me the 50mm 1.8!! Yay! My mother accused me of having a growth on my face today - it was shaped like a Canon! I actually didn't take that many pictures today - only 127.

Here are a few from our fun Christmas day...

My mom gave me a whole bunch of beautiful goblets - a dozen blue ones that all match, and 10 (mostly) green ones that are unique. I love every one of them! Here is my favorite (Mom, I know you had to laugh at that!)...


This shot is really terrible, but I had to catch the moment the best I could...three patient children watching all the gifts being handed out, and a very hopeful dog outside the window!
whaddabout me


These were the flowers my father-in-law sent to my mother-in-law for Christmas. I love this arrangement. And I have a pink cast above the pink that an effect of this 50mm lens?
Barb's flowers

I hope this has been a very merry Christmas for all of you! 


Tess said...

Merry Christmas! I love the image of the flowers! The pink cast adds to it so don't worry about it this time! I'm not sure why it's there. :)

Eric L said...

Merry christmas Elli, glad you had a good one.

Pink cast is probably just a reflesction of the red flower on the white wall, same as a skin cast because of wearing colored clothing.

I expect lots of pictures with that new lens, it's been funny to hear you want it so bad, and guess what...I knew I knew ;)

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas Elli! I really like the goblet shot, DOF is so much fun. :)

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