Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Day 52

It was Christmas Concert day! My kindergartner and my first grader got to perform for an audience today! All the kids were so cute. They were all dressed up in their nice clothes, and they behaved so well... It was a nice program, and I think all the parents and grandparents were proud and impressed.

I was especially pleased to see a public school performing songs about Jesus' birth, and displaying the nativity as the true meaning of Christmas. Kudos to our local public school!!

Nathan dancing
There's my Naterbean dancing...he did great!!

V and K dancing
The little lady in the pink polka dots is Miss V...our neighbor's daughter who practically lives here. The ones in the beautiful plum colored dress (thank you Grandma!) is my KristiRoseToes.

And one more photo...because it's a special day for Nana (my beloved MIL). Today is her birthday, and we wish her the very happiest possible day!

Nana on her 67 birthday


Mel said...

LOVE the dancing pictures! looks like fun, I can't wait until next year, dd will be in pre-k and I will end up being that classroom mom that is there all the time wanting to help lol!

Eric L said...

Great job, looks like he did good!

Design by Jenn said...

awww! They're getting so big!
These are really great pics! Did you use your flash?

Amanda said...

These are great pictures! Your MIL looks like a really nice and happy person. I love her smile! Your pics of the kids are really nice too. Looks like a fun program, and I'm glad they were able to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas!

Tess said...

Great! I can't wait for these days! :)

Chas said...

great pics! I too can't wait for the school days but I'm not rushing through his stage to get there :)

Your Organizing Guru said...

Happy Birthday Nana!!!!!

Cute kiddos. Love the pics. I realized yesterday that your kiddos were singing Silent Night and thought that was great. B is at chapel school and they sang mostly about bells and presents. ~J

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