Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 33

The whole family went for a long walk this morning. We took photos here and there, so here are a few...

Caleb and Fancy with border

All 7 in November 8x10 with border

And here's one more...

All 8 in November funny with border

I have so much admiration for anyone who can get 7 kids to look in the same direction with pleasant expressions. 


Tess said...

That second one is GREAT! And it's called "headswapping"! That's the best way to get them all looking in the same direction with pleasant expressions. :)

Sandra said...

LOL - you did a great job. Anyone who can take care of 7 plus kids at the same time and still take pictures and post about it - has my admiration.

LOL - the dog looks like he wants no part of it.

Mark and Serena Jensen said...

I like how much of their character shows in these pictures...sometimes all looking in one direction with pleasant expressions just isnt as fun!

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