Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The “Is It Food” Test

Gavin has started getting a little more particular about what he eats – for the longest time he ate absolutely EVERYTHING – so he taste tests new things. Today’s new food was avocado. I don’t care for avocado, so Gavin hadn’t had a chance to try it. At the recommendation of my physician/friend Dr. Priscilla, I got him an avocado. He played with it - checking the texture - for a while, and then sucked on it a bit…and then he bit into it. Ewww. Just the thought kinda grosses me out – I hate the texture of those things, but he chewed it up happily. Weird. (I know - I’m in the minority of the general population, but in Scrivnerburg avocado-haters are the majority.) Well, whatever gives him the fat and calories he needs, I guess…



Hollie Morris said...

This blog is such a lovely idea!

Sterling Holobyte said...

You're lucky that you have a son who will eat vegetables(or is avocado a fruit? Who can tell?). I'm lucky if I can get my son to eat a pop tart, he is so particular now. And most good things he doesn't even want to try.

Btw, I love avocado! :) I will have to try that with my son.

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