Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9, 2012


1. It’s sorta yesterday’s blessing – when I had the symptoms of what turned out to be a viral bug yesterday, they were short-lived. Unfortunately they haven’t been so quick to pass for Caleb and Little Man. But at least I’m not sick when they need me.

2. I discovered a great web service today. I haven’t needed this since I read about it on a blog, but this is going to be so helpful for me! Where’s My Cellphone?!?!

3. Well, it will be helpful when I get my new phone (yes, my 3rd htc Rezound). I’m so thankful that I have been paying for insurance. It would have cost more than I can afford to get my broken phone fixed, and I sure can’t afford a new one without insurance. Whew! It’s a good thing I’ve paid that $5.18 every month!

4. My kitchen is clean, clean, clean. Since Ken took most of the boys off to Taekwondo I spent the evening cleany-cleaning my kitchen. And then I got to spend some time watching it stay clean.

5. I had some nice, quiet time this evening to do things that needed to get done (like cleany-cleaning the kitchen, and clearing papers off my desk.)

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