Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

It was another one-picture day. I snapped this one while I was at Kmart to send to my friend Felice. She teases me about how tiny my hands look with the big big rings on. I thought she'd get a chuckle out of this huge one. She did.


1. We decluttered one corner of the living room. Ahhh….that’s so much better!

2. This made me laugh:

Conversation in Scrivnerburg:
Ken: "Elli, do you want to keep ALL these kids' books? While we're [cleaning this bookshelf corner] we could sort out the ones we don't need."
Elli: "You want me to get rid of BOOKS?!?!?!?!?!?"
Ken: "Um..."
Elli: "Keep the good ones. The ones with words in them."

3.  I got to spend some time with just my mother-in-love today.

4. I have a very full life.

5. Dinner was a hit tonight – Chicken & Stuffing Skillet. Andrew even declared it “heaven.” It’s been a while since we had “heaven.” Here’s the original recipe. I did what my mother taught me – I followed the recipe exactly, except for the changes I made.

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