Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012

Ah…home again.


1. One more great session before we had to go home. We had a wonderful time of prayer and we were given tools to prepare us to get back to reality.

2. The staff at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center were just wonderful. Tanner, who catered to our every whim at breakfast both days, the charming Brittany at the front desk, and the sweet lady who came all the way from the far building with Nathan’s forgotten pillow, to name a few.

3. We had safe travels again. Apparently that “Check engine soon” light isn’t a dire warning yet. (Ken keeps fixing things and it keeps showing up again.)

4. When we got home, after a quick diaper change, I set Little Man down with his favorite toys. He pulled everything out and played with one toy after another – giggling and talking to them the whole time. I’m sure he was telling them how much he missed them while we were gone.

5. Little Man was the most wonderful, cheerful, easy baby the whole trip! He fussed a bit when he needed a diaper change, but he was fantastic through the whole conference and all the driving. The ladies who took care of him during the conference just kept telling me what a wonderful baby he is. Doesn’t hurt my feelings a bit. Smile

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