Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012

Little Man was not too sure about playing in the lake. He didn’t really want any part of him to touch the water.


1. Playing in the lake (Salmon Lake). It was pretty chilly getting in, but it felt so good to swim!

2. Not doing dishes. I taught two of the boys how to wash dishes in the trailer (we have haul and heat the water right now), so I didn’t have to do all the dishes today!

3. Chili cheese fry bread. Yummy stuff!

4. My sweet husband went to bed with Little Man when LM just wouldn’t go to sleep. I missed my campfire chat time with my sweetie, but I did enjoy some quiet time after walking with and rocking LM for an hour and a half.

5. Camping wears kids out.

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