Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

I think I’m in love with my new, blingy flip-flops. I made them myself for approximately $8 (under $4 for the flip-flops at the grocery store, of all places, and about $4 in acrylic rhinestones. Oh and a bit of glue. I might post a “how I did it” on my family blog in a little while.)


1. Crafting things I love.

2. Jemimah is home from her visit to the shop. The stove and oven work fine, so that’s great news. The air conditioner, furnace, hot water tank, and refrigerator all need to be replaced – not a surprise. It’s funny to me that I feel better just having her back in the driveway. I guess I waited so long to have a trailer that I feel nervous when it’s not here.

3. Little Man is really working lately – yesterday he scooted forward, and today he got up on his hands and knees and moved his knees forward. Whoohoo! Some people think I’m crazy for wanting him to be mobile, but considering that he’s a few months behind in his gross motor skills, I think it’s time.

4. My flexible work schedule. This has been one of those days when I just couldn’t get settled for work before the kids went to bed. Fortunately for me, that’s okay with my employers.

5. Only two more weeks of our school year!

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