Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012

Bitterroot Family Fellowship ladies’ meeting – after food and chat we got out our hot glue guns! I might show you what I made tomorrow.


1. Another beautiful day!

2. We had our Bitterroot Family Fellowship ladies’ meeting. We had a nice afternoon together…but I did notice that once again someone referred to the table my mother, Felice, and I were at as the “rowdy table.” My mother claims it’s because of the company she keeps. Hmmm…

3. It was a busy, busy, busy day, but the things that HAD to be done got done.

4. Dale babysat while Ken and I went to a VBS planning meeting. He’s such a good kid. He even had the younger kids in bed when we got home!

5. I’m getting excited about VBS this year. I was unable to participate last year (first time in a gazillion years that I wasn’t a part of VBS), so I’m really looking forward to the week of fun!

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