Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

Austin doesn’t show up in photos very often – I think he’s usually moving too fast to be caught by the camera!


1. A chatterbox baby. I love all the talking he does! (I keep trying to get a recording, but he seems to have a sixth sense about such things, and he stops talking as soon the recorder starts.)

2. Super Bowl food. Mmmm. I made that Stuffed Wheat Bread and Ken made the best ever chocolate chip cookies.

3. Kristi Rose Toes. It’s been a while coming, but our littlest woman has really started to calm down and settle into a sweet, helpful girl. She’s made so much progress recently that it really shows us how good it is for her to be out of the public school environment.

4. See that happy face on that boy up there? That’s the way he looks most of the time. His happiness is such a blessing. I wonder if he was as happy as an infant as Little Man is.

5. My husband. He’s wonderful. Smile

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