Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012

I made Stuffed Wheat Bread for the church potluck today. Apparently it was okay - we didn't get to bring any home. I will post the recipe when I get it typed up. Topped with a bit of spicy brown mustard…mmmmmmm.

1. A great joint church service. Our church ventured down south a few miles to meet with a sister church on this 5th Sunday. It was wonderful.
2. A nap with a boy. I love it when one of my kids wants to nap with me – especially when they actually let me nap!
3. Health and safety. I have heard some heart-wrenching stories over the last few days. I pray for the affected families, and I thank God that my family is okay.
4. Music. God's music. It lifts my spirits like nothing else. That’s been a real necessity lately.
5. A new week. We get to start a whole, brand-new one!

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