Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

It was a very crafty day today! I made a whole bunch of fun things…

1. A diaper/wipes case; 2. A fun pincushion; 3. A cute headband – I didn’t make the girl today – just the headband; 4. A rice bag for a gift.

1. Craftiness. I had another fun crafting Saturday! It was awesome!

2. Bountiful Baskets. We got our first Bountiful Basket today, and there was so much wonderful, fresh food in there! What a blessing!

3. A good friend. I love my friend Felice. I just love her!

4. Funny moments. Dale came and asked me early in the day if I knew where the pliers were. He needed them to fix something, and he searched and searched. After dinner this evening I just happened to find the pliers when I was looking for something else…in the freezer! Everyone keeps their pliers in the freezer, right?

5. A high chair! Little Man got to sit in a real high chair today for the first time. He loved being with everyone at the table and being able to see everything. He was quite amused, and quite amusing.

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This N That said...

Look at you go! WOW! Seriously neat stuff, mama!

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