Monday, August 1, 2011

Exciting times in Scrivnerburg!

Nana got us an Insect Lore Butterfly kit a while back, and we got our caterpillars and started watching the whole metamorphosis. It was fun and interesting, but nothing compared to the unbridled excitement of watching butterflies emerge from the chrysalises!


I wish I had had the time and inclination to chronicle the entire process with my camera, but it’s just been such a busy, busy time…

Here’s an over-processed shot of one of the butterflies immediately after it came out of the chrysalis. It’s over-processed so you can really see the butterfly.

One more shot of the excitement…

There was so much squealing, dancing, yelling, exclaiming, and exulting today that I finally had to send the kids around the corner to play. Well, I didn’t really send them – they went. But I didn’t bring them back. I did go check on them a couple times though. It was such a relief to have a semi-quiet house for a while! I’m sure the butterflies thought so, too. Kathy, thank you for allowing my children to take over your space this afternoon – you don’t know what that did for my dwindling sanity!

Here’s one last shot of Flyer One showing off (they’re all named Flyer – Flyer One, Flyer Five, and the Flyer Triplets.)

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