Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life is so busy around here!

We have so many things going on these days! Baby feeding, me working, Ken working, baby cuddling, kids’ appointments, baby feeding,  plans for family activities, baby cuddling, people visiting (the baby, I’m sure), baby feeding, housework, more appointments, more feeding, more cuddling…

(This close-up makes Little Man look bigger than he is – he actually weighs somewhere around 9.5 lbs, and is probably 21-22 inches long.) He’s really not very big, but he’s growing well! At his well child check last week he had gained 14 ounces in 14 days. Whoohoo, Little Man!

He’s still waking up 2-3 times (at least) a night, so I’m not getting nearly as much sleep as my body and brain would like. I just keep reminding myself that I’ve made it through this 4 times before, so I can handle this. The only problem with that is that myself always responds with “you were younger then.” Whiner.

Dale is turning out to be a great babysitter for Little Man. He is a natural with a tiny infant – he isn’t afraid to carry him around or change his diapers. That is such a help to me! The other kids love to hold him, but most of them are very stiff and awkward with such a little person. I’m sure they’ll be more comfortable when he’s not so fragile.

I am so thankful for all the blessings that friends and family have bestowed upon Little Man and our family. He is completely outfitted now, thanks to the generosity of so many people. I also discovered Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program! Yay! We can subscribe to have things like diapers sent to us on a schedule, and we get a discount on them. It’s a great deal for someone like me who lives near the boonies and can’t get to a discount store easily. And I discovered that the price was actually less than I could get in Missoula, anyway (as far as I could tell from home). Whoohoo! Convenience and savings! I love it!

Okay…I must get on with making dinner. These kids like to eat. A lot. Tonight I think they’ll have bread and water. I don’t have the energy for anything more complicated than that.

Oh – and one more picture, just because I love my son’s fashion sense…

(For my long-time followers – I apologize that all my photos these days are cell phone snaps – I promise that I will pick the big, bad 7d up again soon.)

Oh, and an update – Ken has suggested that we toast the bread so the kids have toast and water. Variety, you know.


Leslie said...

Oh I love both of those picture. The first - so tiny and innocent. The second - so innocent ;) I love it. Praying for you as you go through this season. You are amazing.

Nancy said...

Oh no...that tiny ear, that sweet, baby hand. It's too much! I want to smell his head! As always, I love reading about the joyful chaos that is Scrivnerburg. It's no surprise that the big kids are good with Little Man, they live in love. That's a mighty fine place to be from. : )

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