Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TDS water (and oil)

TDS water (and oil) by Elli :-)
TDS water (and oil) a photo by Elli :-) on Flickr.

I'm still not happy with this attempt, but it's better than the last one - - because the focus is sharper. I really need a macro lens. :-) I'm going to keep working on it. My inspiration for this came from Sandra Marek - check out this archived blog post - The speckles are part of the glass dish I used. Next time I try it during daylight hours.

What kind of photo projects are you currently working on? Or any other projects...?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Elli, I have a few things up my sleeve. I just need the time to experiment and take pictures and post. I do I do! LOL
I like your water and oil. Have you tried a magazine on the floor, under glass? Or beads or yarn or different colors? Hmmm? It does look good though. Nice play

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