Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's the season for basketball!

Ken and the kids were out playing basketball again this morning. I decided to try some higher speed action close-up type shots with my 7d.

The basketball hoop our neighbors gave us was one of the best gifts the kids have ever received.

If you like to watch a crowd of kids play basketball with a crazy man, check this's just boring old basketball in Scrivnerburg. I admire a man who will play with so many young kids. I admire it, but I don't join in it!


Anonymous said...

What a brave and energetic man to be playing with so many children. LOL
I'm glad you are out there pushing your camera to it's limit.

Nancy said...

Ken is a good man. I mean that most sincerely, and I know that I'm not telling you anything that you don't already thank God for....but this video is so sweet. If only more men took the time for days like this.

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