Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Trip to Town

We live about 35 miles from Missoula, Montana. That doesn't seem too far, but for some reason it's far enough that my mom and I don't get to "town" more than once every couple months. Today was the day for our first trip of 2011. My mom, my mother-in-law, our chaperone, Caleb, and I went to the big city. We didn't have any really exciting plans - Costco, Best Buy, WalMart, Famous Dave's - but the trip took us 8 hours. Whew!

While we were waiting for our lunch at Famous Dave's I handed my cell phone to Caleb to keep him occupied. Here are a few photos he took. (He deleted most of them, which was fine - they weren't very flattering!)
An artistic shot of my boots. :-)  

The kids' menu.

And finally, a flashy, motion-blurred shot of me.

He actually does pretty well taking photos most of the time. He clears distractions out of the background, he tries different perspectives, and he usually gets the important parts in the frame. He also doesn't get things in the frame that shouldn't be there, like fingers and obstructions. He learning photography early!

I do wonder why he kept the shot of my boots, though. I think his shot of the paper towel roll was actually better.  


Anonymous said...

Well I don't know, I like the boot shot too. LOL
I said it before, he's gonna be an awesome photographer if he keeps it up. said...

He has a great teacher! Sounds like a fun day! Fun shots!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Caleb is a young photog in the offing.

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