Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today was finally the day!

A friend gave us a wonderful pumpkin last year (great shape) and Caleb and I decided to try to grow some pumpkins from the seeds. We carefully saved and dried the seeds, and marked on the calendar when we were going to plant them. After asking me for many weeks when it was going to be time, Caleb finally got the answer he was waiting for! Today was the day!

Ken bought roses for his ladies for Valentine's Day, and included in mine and Fancy's bouquets were these very colorful flowers. Fancy's is starting to open up a bit...I hope it keeps opening so I can see what it looks like inside!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics from your new toy ;)
I see a color pop..not sure if it's the camera or something you are doing differently. But I like it.

Would love to see how that colorful flower opens up.

Sandra said...

Fun Mr. Green thumbs. I sure hope those grow nice and big.
Great looking rose. I've never seen one with those colors.
Take a couple of that one as it opens. I wanna see too.

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