Sunday, February 27, 2011

I love my Daily Shoot photo!

The Daily Shoot assignment today was to shoot something that is glowing. Today I set up Ken's Joby Gorilla Torch under my favorite paperweight and took some shots. I love the result I got!

The challenge from the Digital Photography School was "outdoor portraits." We used this challenge as the weekend assignment for Project 365 - we will be using those weekend assignments to choose the new profile photo. Since my photo wouldn't be chosen this time (as it's my turn to choose a photo) I submitted a goofy one...

The boys (especially Caleb) also wanted me to shoot my idea for yesterday's Daily Shoot (connection) even though that assignment was past. I was going to shoot 4 or 5 boys with arms around each other's shoulders, but I just never got the chance to do it. Caleb and Austin asked me to do it today, so here they are. Such sweet boys.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, sweet boys. I like the arms on each other pose.
Great colors in your paperweight.

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