Monday, January 3, 2011

A Symbol of my Obsession

The Daily Shoot assignment today is “Make a photograph with a symbol or an icon in it today.” This particular symbol is exciting to me – it means fun, and challenge, and adventure! I love my Canons (20d and Rebel XT, 50mm 1.8, 18-55 mm), and I eagerly look forward to the time with I can add to the family.
TDS symbol

I didn’t realize until I got the shots on the computer just how dusty the lens is on this camera. I do keep it in a case. Hmmm. This is the camera the kids use though (Rebel XT), so who knows where they may have taken it to get photos. (I’m not sure where the kids’ pictures are…I wonder if someone deleted them. Hmmm again.)

For a long time I didn’t let the kids use my cameras, but then I realized that I am at least as likely to drop one as they are (I’ve done it twice – none of them have ever dropped one of mine), and I need to be encouraging their artistic interests, so I’ve actually started teaching them some photography basics. Some of them are pretty good already! When I have some photos that haven’t been unintentionally deleted I’ll share them!

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Leslie said...

I was going to do "Canon" too when I saw the assignment...but then didn't do one at all - haha. Love that you let them play. My kids love to play too but I "help" if it is a big camera.

Jeni M said...

My 3-yo loves to take pictures too but I worry about her handling my DSLRs so I let her play with the shockproof, waterproof Canon Powershot. A lot of times though she is using my iphone4 using the Hipstamatic (She actually hates the regular iphone cam!) hahaha! I swear, kids are a lot smarter these days! Lol

365 by K.O.S. Photography said...

I didn't do the daily shoot today. If I did I would have done my lens cap for canon, or either a bible or my cross :D That is great your kids like to take photos!!

Sandra said...

It looks worn and loved. I think it's a great idea to let the kids use your camera (the smaller one) it helps them develop a love for the art early on.

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