Monday, January 31, 2011

Repeating patterns

The Daily Shoot assignment today is “repeating patterns.” One repeating pattern for me is that I forget plans and appointments because I neglect to put them on the calendar. Here is our new calendar, and a new repeating pattern – writing appointments on it!
TDS repeating

On another note – the weather guru just said, “Into the deep freeze tonight.” Hmph. I don’t really want a deep freeze tonight. Oh well…I’ll probably just stay home and hibernate during the cold weather anyway. We’ve had wind the last couple days, and that has actually kept Andrew and Nathan inside. Those two will play outside in all sorts of conditions, but I guess wind and cold isn’t among them. They actually stayed in and watched VeggieTales today.

I’m off to finish work and then I’m going to watch Chuck with my sweetie. Thanks for stopping!

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